Quinn’s CBD Suppository

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Description: Quinn and her partner are very high she is on her bed on all fours with her ass in the air being filmed from behind giving us a great view of her pussy lips and asshole as her partner massages oil into her ass saying This is good oil, barely used any and Quinn says So it doesn’t look oily? and the camera goes close up on her ass as her partner says No surprisingly not, just your natural sheen and Quinn says Ok well put a shit tonne more oil on, gallons as he squirts oil on her ass and she screams out and he laughs saying Now live with the regret and she says It’s going inside of me as he continues rubbing it in saying Presindent’s Choice knows what it’s doing when it comes to baby oil as she shakes her ass. He says Baby making oil am I right as he spanks her ass. He says I’m gonna actually give you that CBD suppository it’s happening right now, then brick you up as he slaps her inner thigh. She is says Alright put her in me. He says You’re not gonna masculinise the CBD and Quinn says No to which he says It’s shaped like a little penis though and she says Only women calm me down and he laughs. It cuts and we come back to him with the suppository in his fingers he says It’s the moment of tension as he holds it outside her asshole and she says Make sure you’re close up as he moves the camera in closer. He puts it on her assshole and she squeals so he laughs saying butthole tension, that is the point of a butthole to be tense always and she just says Um-hmm. He says no wonder it’s called being anal as he pushes the suppository in her asshole and she screams as we see it in there and they both say Goodbye then Quinn says Hello as it pops back out and they laugh. He goes to push it back in and she says Wait I gotta suck it in and he says Yeah I know we’re sending you into space for the Spock funeral then pushes it in saying Bye and it pops straight back out again. He says This thing refuses to play ball and Quinn says I think I have to be vertical maybe as he pushes his finger further in her asshole saying I think I need to be a more active role as Quinn says to him Push it in and hold it there with your thumb as he rubs her asshole with his finger. He sticks his middle finger in her asshole saying I think that boys lost for good and she says You’re doing the same thing over and over again and he says Yeah coz I have faith, I’ve sent him on his way and she replies No, you’re not, can I do it? and he laughs saying it’s in your intestines and surprised Quinn says Wait it’s gone, I felt it come out and he says That was a long time ago, it’s been at least 45 seconds as Quinn laughs as she shakes her ass saying Oh that’s crazy. That was a fun little dildo and he says Wasn’t that fun then yells It’s not a dildo.
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